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Are you the expedition type of person? Do you love to go diving in caves? Or, are you one that loves strip mining? Well, for either of you; this plugin will help you save time! Ever hate having to dig a 2x1 tunnel and then having to do it all over again? And you might end up missing some diamonds, well "tunnel" mode is for you. With tunnel by digging the center block will make a 3x3 tunnel right in-front of you (it also spans 3 blocks back). But, as I said if you are the one that loves cave diving, the "ore destroy" mode is for you. What this will do is take a ore vein and break any type of ore block connect to that vein, and by mining 1 single ore in that vein.

"Tunnel mode" breakable blocks:

  • All types of "ore"
  • Stone
  • Cobblestone
  • Dirt
  • Grass

"Ore destroy mode" breakable blocks:

  • All types of "ore" supported by Bukkit

Tunnel mode example: tunnel-mode

Ore destroy mode example: Before: before After: after


  • This plugin only works for gold pickaxes
  • The mining radius for "tunnel" is 1
  • The plugin is toggle on by default.


/pickaxe <toggle | mode>

You can find the Github here:

If I get enough feedback, I will add a config file that will allow you to switch the pickaxe type, the blocks you can break, and the radius.


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