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  • The matching CraftBukkit version of the plugin file.
  • Texteditor for YAML files.


I have Multiverse or another world manager

  • Put the plugin in your plugins folder
  • Reload the server
  • Use Multiverse (or your world manager) to create a new world using the GiantCaves generator
    • Example: /mv create CaveWorld normal -g GiantCaves

I don't have Multiverse or another world manager

  • Stop the server if it is running!
  • Download the plugin and put it into your plugins folder.
  • Start your Server to make the plugin generate default world configuration files for known worlds.
  • Set onlyUseWorldManagers to false in config.yml
  • Edit the configuration file to match your needs. (See Help Topics > Configuration for more info.)
  • Restart your server.