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Using GGTeleport, you can be assured that your players will always be safe while being randomly teleported, whether you are running a survival game and want to teleport your players to a random starting location, or in a PVP server, where you want your players to have the distance between each other to be able to make a good start.

No matter your circumstances, GGTeleport makes sure that you don't get randomly teleported to any dangerous or unwanted blocks like Lava, Water or deadly falls from the sky!

How to

How to...CommandPermission NeededFurther Comments
Tp myself/tprGGT.use.default
Tp myself in a custom square/tpr [radius]GGT.use.custom
Tp myself in a custom rectangle/tpr [x_radius] [z_radius]GGT.use.custom
Tp someone else/tpr p:[player]GGT.use.othersThis can be added anywhere in the /tpr command
Tp around someone (or somewhere) else/tpr c:[player|x,z]GGT.use.centerCan be used anywhere in /tpr command as well
Reload my altered settings from config.yml/tpr reloadGGT.reloadGets new settings from config
Use ALL the things/tprGGT.*Grants full access to GGTeleport
Add a PortalNot neededGGT.use.portalCheck portal page
Use CommandBlocktpr (@a|@r|@p|target) [xRadius,zRadius]OPed and Creative ModeMore details here
Disable UpdatingAccess to Config filesSee Config Page


  • Now with full CommandBlock support!
  • Teleport yourself to a random location within given radius
  • Teleport another person to a random location
  • Use another person as center for teleportation
  • Destination location is checked for blacklisted blocks
  • Use portals to automatically teleport
  • Teleports to surface, not at build limit
  • Set your own custom blacklisted blocks to not be teleported onto
  • Automatic Update Checker


Command Page


Portal Page


Permissions Page

Upcoming Features

  • Improve negative coordinate offset
  • Maximum custom radius value config
  • Limit use to certain worlds
  • Vault Support
  • Moar Portals!

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