This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


GetRanked Is a simple, creative, helpful, and a good administrative tool for your server. By using GetRanked+ you have the decision to choose what ranks each individual starts at.

How It Works

This plugin starts from Level 1 - Level 5. Keep In mind that GetRanked+ does not rely on any type of Permissions plugin. It relies on only It's self to function. The reason I mentioned this Is because at the most of times, people often think one plugin relies on another and it completely ruins all the configs In your server/permissions list. With this new and helpful tool, people will be able to register as a Level 1 user automatically with the click of a button and not only will they start of at Level 1, but every Level you get... The better your chance of being in a staff position is.

The Purpose Of GetRanked+

Think of it this way. It does not use staff ranks or any plugin involving that. Example: it is not a plugin like GroupManager. Our goal and your goal aswell, is to promote users in each and every different way. they must follow all rules provided by you on the server. They get to register as Level 1 right away. Every Level gets harder to follow. Once at Level 5, users have a good chance of getting Trial Mod/Moderator on your personal public server! Basically, this plugin is meant for promoting staff positions in a interesting way and gaining trust by following all the rules. this gives you a reason to hire a good and perfect user.


Pictures will be released soon along with many other permissions and commands. Check back soon for more info on the plugin! It is currently under planning mode. Thank You :)

-Kerplunkish (Manager,Creator)


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