The server must be running Java 8!

Bugs/problems/feature requests? Please file an issue at the Github repository.


Ever had to get permission nodes for plugins on your server, but found that you either had to look for it on their website or individually look in plugin.yml? Or maybe you found a list of nodes, but it had the description next to it so you couldn't just copy and paste them all at one time? Well, this plugin is for you! GetPerms is a plugin that will pull permission nodes from each plugin on your server! This plugin will output them in two files:

  1. permission_nodes.txt - A list of permissions without the descriptions for easy copy/paste
  2. permission_nodes_desc.txt - A list of permissions with the descriptions for reference, grouped by plugin


v1.1.16 (latest) @
v1.1.16 (latest) @
Latest developmental build @ NOTE: The jarfile located here is a development build, so things aren't tested and bugs are likely to be present

View the complete changelog here.


  1. Download the plugin here
  2. Move the jar file to '/plugins' inside the server root directory

To start, you must download and install this plugin. To have the plugin generate the files, start your server, and wait for the server to finish fully starting up (look for 'Done! _ seconds'). Now, just wait until you see a message stating that GetPerms has finished generating files. Now you can either stop your server if you don't need it running, or you can leave it running. Now, locate the GetPerms permissions folder inside of the plugins folder (located at plugins/GetPerms/permissions/). In this folder, you should see at least two new files: permission_nodes.txt and permission_nodes_desc.txt. More information about each file can be located here.

Plugins must be in the 'plugins/' folder in order for GetPerms to grab the permission nodes from it. Also, GetPerms can only retrieve nodes that are in '[plugin_name].jar/plugin.yml'. Not all plugins provide all permissions in plugin.yml, so there may be some missing. Essentials is an example of this.

Bugs/problems/feature requests? Please file an issue at the Github repository.


For all commands, /gp can be used as an alias (like /gp regen)

/getperms reloadReload the configuration file for GetPermsgetperms.reload
/getperms regen(Re)generate the files containing the permission nodes listsgetperms.regen
/getperms updateRun the update taskgetperms.update

If autoGen and regenerateOnPluginChange are both set to false in the config, one will need to use /getperms regen in order to generate the files.
NOTE: If disableOnFinish is set to true, these commands will not work once the plugin disables itself.

Permission nodes

getperms.*Allows player access to all GetPerms commandsop
getperms.reloadAllows player to reload the GetPerms config fileop
getperms.regenAllows player to regenerate permission list filesop
getperms.updateAllows player to run the update taskop

Temporary Plugin Permission Database

You can find more information about this database here. You can request to add plugins to the database here.


Bugs/problems/feature requests? Please file an issue at the Github repository.

Possible Todo

  • Add database of unretrievable permissions for retrieval (info here)
  • Add a search command to search plugins for a specific permission node
  • Add a way to be able to import a permission node table (Such as with essentials) as a text file and convert it

This is my first plugin! Requests for another plugin? Want me to update an outdated/abandoned plugin? Request it here.

View metrics data for GetPerms on
GetPerms by Smiley43210 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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