With this plugin you can break a block which give you other thing. (Example: Leaves -> nothing) ( '->' means give) With this plugin you can make leaves to drop and to get them without any special item. This plugin supports more items like: glowstone, ores, glass etc. You can set what items can be dropped with the natural drop or with the handmade drop (this plugin).


  • Configurable blocks.
  • Anti creative block break. (Example: if you have 'leaves: true' and you have creative, you won't get the block.)
  • Simple usage of command.

How to install

  • 1) Download the plugin.
  • 2) Enter in 'server-directory/plugins' and put the plugin there.
  • 3) Start/reload the server.
  • 4) Edit the config.yml then reload the server.


If an item is false it will be the normal drop, if it will be true, it will drop the same item. Please check the video.

  stone: false
  grass: false
  leaves: false
  coal-ore: false
  lapis-ore: false
  diamond-ore: false
  redstone-ore: false
  emerald-ore: false
  glass: false
  web: false
  snow-block: false
  ice: false
  clay: false
  glowstone: false
  melon: false
  vine: false

Commands / Permissions

  • /getmyblock - Main command. (do nothing, no permission)
  • /getmyblock reload - Reloads config.yml (permssions: getmyblock.reload)

Video / Screenshots


Change log:


  • Updated to 1.4.7.


  • Initial release.

Support me

If you like this plugin and you like my work you can donate. Every donations are welcome. Thank you.

Retain: I'll update this everytime even nobody donates, this is just a button if you want to use it use... if you don't use it, don't. This plugins will stay up all the time.


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