This plugin came about due to the fact that I have noticed many patterns in where griefers are located. It was created as an in house project for the server I play on, however I will release it here (because DrFusion decided to release it without my consent here so i took control). So for anyone that thought DrFusion wrote this, he did not, he stole this from me. To view the source go here.

Version: 1.0.4


  • Works with the permissions, however the permission required to geolocate a player defaults to OP.
  • Simple command, and lightweight, the plugin is under 100 lines of code.

Permission Node:

Geo.geoLocate- Allows a player to use the geo command

Change Log:

  • V 1.0.4- Fixed the safety concerns of ferrybig
  • V 1.0.3- I noticed that if the API I am using for geolocation goes down then if a request is made it will lock up the server. I made the requests go in a seperate thread, which should fix this problem, however I haven't had the service go down again so haven't been able to test it.
  • V 1.0.2- Initial public release


/geo <name> – Geolocates the given player.


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