Small plugin to enable the storage of experience points in an item. This is a fork of the PearlXP plugin but is now developed entirely independently.

What is it!?

The plugin enables the players to store their experience points in a "soul gem" (see config section) by casting their soul into it sometimes not in its completeness. The players can then restore those points latter on with the same process or give the gem to another player.

How do I use this!

Select a gem item in your quickbar and left click! more info here.

New Features

  • Added statistics with MCStats;
  • Added some permissions (information here);


  • Very configurable plugin;
  • Possibility to translate output messages (see config section);
  • Filled and empty gems have different appearances (can also be the same);
  • Stacks of gems can be used;
  • Transfer loss when filling a gem;
  • Gems have now hints in the inventory displaying their nature and the stored experience points;
  • In creative gamemode, a player can cast a gem without having experience points.

You can opt-out of MCStats by editing the plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml file

Configuration section

  • Messages are configurable (comment them to disable);
  • Itemids used as filled and empty gems (can be the same);
  • Transfer loss (0 for none);
  • Maximum stack sizes of filled gems;
  • Maximum storage capacity of a gem in XP (current hard limit is 32767).

The default soul gems are ender pearls (empty) and eye of ender when filled with a transfer loss of 10%. The default file looks like this. It might be best to leave the itemids by default; if you really want to change them please make sure to test the plugin correctly before putting it on your main server.

Video Featured

Thanks to Stadvert for this video.


  • The original idea to use ender pearl as soul gems comes from NEON in an IRC discussion on check those guys out here;
  • The first implementation of this idea was made by Nebual;
  • GemXp is a full rewrite and implementation of this idea and is made by Marex(recursivr) and Zonta.

Support Us!

We put great time and effort into this project to contribute to your fun! Contribute back by donating. You can PM us to tell us more about how much you love (or hate) our mod too!

Ohloh project report for gemXp

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