Important Note

This plugin was written for 1.7, at the moment 1.8 is not supported. To work on 1.8 I would have to completely remake the plugin, which I don't have time for right now. I may do it sometime in the future, but for now, it's only 1.7.


GemRunner is a game where players run on a field of ores, trying to collect the most points. Ores disappear when you walk on them, and different ores have different point values. Although the idea may seem simple, it is a great and fun game to play.

How to Play

Once there is enough players to start a game, a timer counts down, and you get 5 seconds to spread out before the game starts. Once the game starts, you run around the ores, trying to collect points. When you walk on an ore, it will disappear, and different ores are worth different amounts of points. The game ends when there is only one player left, or there is no more ores in the arena. Once all the ores have been taken, an arena has the option to enter PvP mode, where blocks will fill the space where ores used to be, and players fight to win. If PvP mode is disabled on an arena, the game will end as soon as all ores are gone or one player is left standing.


Player Commands
Permission to use any command: gemrunner.command or gemrunner.admin
Op's get access to all commands.
Command Permission Description
/gr join <name> gemrunner.join
Command to join a game. If a name is not specified in the permission then the player has permission for all arenas.
/gr leave None Command to leave a game. Players do not need any permission to leave a game.
Admin Commands
/gr create <name> gemrunner.admin Creates an arena.
/gr done gemrunner.admin Finish creating an arena.
/gr start gemrunner.admin or gemrunner.command.force Force the current arena to start
/gr cancel gemrunner.admin Cancel creating an arena.
/gr edit <name> gemrunner.admin Edit the selection region for an arena.
/gr setlobby gemrunner.admin Set where players should be teleported when a game ends.
/gr setspawn <name> gemrunner.admin Set the spawn for an arena
/gr open/close <name> gemrunner.admin Open or close an arena.
/gr setmax <name> <#> gemrunner.admin Set the max players for an arena.
/gr tostart <name> <#> gemrunner.admin Set the number of players that need to join to start the game.
/gr timer <name> <#> gemrunner.admin Set the amount of time (seconds) that will count down to start the game once the number of players has been reached.
/gr pvp <name> true/false gemrunner.admin Set whether an arena should enter pvp mode once all the ores are gone. If false, the game will end and the player with the most points will win.
Other Permissions
gemrunner.sign.create Permission to create and break arena signs.
gemrunner.sign.join Permission to join arenas using signs.
gemrunner.command Permission to use commands.
gemrunner.command.force Permission to force the current arena to start

Config Guide

Config Guide
Config Option Default Example Description
lobby: None world;x;y;z The location of the lobby.
signs: None - world;x;y;z A list of the arena signs.
arenas: None N/A Data for each arena.
top: N/A world;x;y;z The top corner of an arena.
bottom: N/A world;x;y;z The bottom corner of an arena.
maxplayers: 4 4 The max players for an arena.
playerstostart: 2 2 The number of players required to start an arena.
timer: 30 30 The countdown before the game starts.
open: false true Sets whether an arena is open/joinable.
pvpwhenempty: true false Sets if pvp mode gets enabled when all ores are gone.
commandsingame: false true Sets if non-GemRunner commands are allowed ingame.
spawn: N/A world;x;y;z Where the spawn of an arena is.
pvpblock: 1 57 What block fills the space where ores were when pvp mode is enabled.
checkupdates: true false If true, OP's will be notified that there is an update available.


This plugin will check for updates and notify OP's if there is an update available. If you would like to disable this option, set checkupdates: in the config to false.

Update Commands
Commands for OP only
/gr update latest Displays the name of the latest update for the plugin.
/gr update confirm If there is another version available, the plugin will download the latest version, which will take effect when the server is reloaded or restarted.
/gr update force Will download the latest update no matter what the version is. Will take effect when the server is reloaded or restarted.


To make an arena sign, format the sign like this:

  1. [gr] or [gemrunner]
  2. Name of Arena
  3. Blank
  4. Blank

Future Plans

These are things that are planned to be added to the plugin. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment.

[ ] - VIP Players get special features in the game.

[ ] - Run a command on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. And run a command on anyone else who participated.

[■] - Edit arena selection after creating

[■] - Timer for games that take too long.

Confirmed Features

These are features that are confirmed to be in the next update.

  • None.

Bug Fixes

  • None.


If you have any suggestions, ideas, or bugs, leave a comment. If you have a general comment you would like to share, go ahead and leave that too


- Since this plugin is new, there may be some minor bugs, if you could please tell me about any bugs, I will try to have them fixed as soon as possible.


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