What is GappleDeath and what does it do?

GappleDeath is a fully configurable plugin that gives players the regeneration effect when they kill another player! The great thing is that it is super simple! There are no commands needed and no permissions to deal with! Simply load the plugin and it works.​ It's a great plugin for UHC or Survival Games!

How do you set up GappleDeath?

To set up GappleDeath, all you have to do is install the plugin and run the server! I already have everything set up. Whenever a player kills another player, the killer will (by default) get the effects of a regular golden apple! All values are configurable, and each can be disabled. Currently implemented potion effects are: Regeneration, absorption, resistance, and fire resistance.

How do you configure GappleDeath?

To configure GappleDeath, all you have to do is open the config.yml file and edit it to suit your needs! All instructions are in the config.yml.​

How do you install GappleDeath?

To install GappleDeath, simply drag and drop the file in to your plugins folder in the server files! Then start or reload the server, and the plugin is loaded!​ There are no other plugins needed for it to work.


This plugin uses Metrics! To opt out, go to your plugins folder, PluginMetrics, open the config.yml and set the opt-out to true! Metrics collects anonymous information about your server, including the server software (i.e, Bukkit, Spigot), game version, the server host's operating system, java version, and location of the host server. Collected information can be seen at GappleDeath Statistics

Automatic Updating

This plugin will automatically update as of version 1.6! If a new version has been released on this page, it will automatically download the latest update. To disable this, go to your plugins folder and find the Updater folder. Enter the config.yml of that folder, and set "disabled" to "true".


1.0 Initial Release

1.1 Fixed a bug where killing a player would override any previous regeneration

1.1.1 Minor message adjustment

1.2 Complete rework of plugin, added support for more potion effects.

1.3 Switched to craftbukkit API instead of Spigot

1.4 Now compiled with Java JDK 7, should work on all servers

1.5 Added Metrics!

1.6 Automatic updating

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