GameMode Inventories 2.5.4


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    Nov 7, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2



  • Fixed not being able to SHIFT-click on blocks with an inventory to place another block on them (including hoppers to link them up with other hoppers)
  • Added config options to set which GMI features can be bypassed with the gamemodeinventories.bypass permission
    inventories: true
    items: true
    blacklist: false
    survival: false

The default settings are identical to previous GMI versions (i.e. players with the permission can open inventories, pick and drop items - but can't bypass placing/using blacklisted items or avoid survival gamemode when changing worlds).

If any of the bypass options are set to false, then nobody will be able to bypass them (regardless of whether they have the permission or not)

  • inventories - if true players can bypass not being able to open inventories in creative - /gmi bypass.inventories to toggle true/false
  • items - if true players can bypass not being able to pick up and drop items in creative - /gmi bypass.items to toggle true/false
  • blacklist - if true players can bypass not being able to place and use restricted block and items in creative - /gmi bypass.blacklist to toggle true/false
  • survival - if true players can bypass being forced into survival gamemode when changing worlds - /gmi bypass.survival to toggle true/false