A powerful lightweight plugin that helps you organizing game modes on your server.

Download GameModeControl for your server version:

  • for 1.7 and below: use this version
  • for 1.8 and above: use the latest version


This plugin uses an auto updater, to keep itself up-to-date. You can disable this in your config by changing
to false.
This plugin uses plugin metrics to analyze the servers using GMC. The collected data will be sent to and can be viewed here. Everyone is able to see anonymous data, such as how many servers are using GMC, but not which servers. You can disable this feature in your config by changing
to false.



  • <> = required
  • [] = optional
  • 1 | 2 = 1 or 2, but not both
  • gmc.<permission> = permission to change your own and the gamemode of other players
  • gmc.<permission>.self = you are only allowed to change your own gamemode
  • gmc.<permission>.others = you have the permission to change the gamemode of other players




/gm <id> [player]
/gamemode* <id> [player]
Change the gamemode of a player
to the specified one
gmc.gamemode[.self | .others]
— valid values for id: 0, 1, 2, 3, survival, creative, adventure, spectator, su, c, a, sp
/gm0 [player]
/survival [player]
Change the gamemode of a player
to survival
gmc.survival[.self | .others]
/gm1 [player]
/creative [player]
Change the gamemode of a player
to creative
gmc.creative[.self | .others]
/gm2 [player]
/adventure [player]
Change the gamemode of a player
to adventure
gmc.adventure[.self | .others]
/gm3 [player]
/spectator [player]
Change the gamemode of a player
to spectator
gmc.spectator[.self | .others]
/gmonce <player>
[survival] [creative]
[adventure] [spectator]
Allow a player to change
his/her game mode only
one time
/gmtemp <player>
<game mode> <seconds>
Change the game mode of a
player only temporary (e.g. 30s)
/gmh [page | command] Show all commands for GMC or
help for a specific command
/gmi Shows information about GMC,
such as the version
/gmr Reloads the whole server in order
to reload the config of GMC

<small>* overrides the standard '/gamemode' from minecraft; you can still use /minecraft:gamemode for the "normal" /gamemode command.</small>


  1. Copy the file you have downloaded into your "plugins"-folder
  2. Restart your server, then stop it
  3. Edit the 'config.yml' and set the messages you want
  4. Start your server and enjoy


If you want to reset the config, just delete the 'config.yml' file (in <your server folder>/plugins/GMC/). GMC will generate it on server startup. If you need an example, take a look at this example configuration.

Formatting codes

Please visit:





$player will be replaced with the specified player &cCould not find this player: &7$player
$gm will be replaced with the game mode, that has not been found &cCould not find this gamemode: &7$gm


  • force-gamemode
    enable this feature to change the game mode of every player with the permission gmc.forcegm that joins your server to the specified game mode.
  • auto-update
    true if you want GameModeControl to keep itself always up to date, false if you just want to be notified if a newer version is available.
  • bstats
    true if you want to send server and player statistics to false if you want to disable this feature. The collected data is sent to

Source code

You can find the source code here on

ToDo list

  • Please send me a pm, post a comment or use the github issues system and add the label 'enhancement' to it to suggest a feature


There are no bugs at the moment :) (at least noone reported one). If you want to report a bug, please use the github issues system.

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