Auto Gamemode Changer

Auto Gamemode Changer


Do you have a server with both a Creative and Survival world? Do you want to give staff members/donators Creative mode, but want to restrict it in certain worlds?

If you answer yes to either of these questions, you're in the same boat I was in when it came to donators. I created this simple plugin to help restrict gamemode changes for players.


Simply put the JAR file in your server's plugins directory, /reload, restart the server, or however else you reload your plugins, and you're all set!


Add a negative permission for changing gamemodes, like -essentials.gamemode (with the "-" directly in front of the permission node), to a group's permissions for certain worlds, and Auto Gamemode Changer takes care of the rest! The user will be put in Survival mode on each world change, so he/she won't be able to go into Creative mode in worlds you wouldn't want them to!

About my Plugins

I always seem to be in a need of something on my server that other plugins either provide along with ton of useless stuff, or just don't provide at all. So, I code my own solutions, and if I think others could use it, I put it up on BukkitDev. That's why even the first version I upload will be stable and work correctly, because I don't put a plugin up on here at all unless it's working to my perfectionist standards.

Also, unless stated otherwise, all my plugins only use the Bukkit API, so they should work on *most* server versions and be pretty update-proof. If a plugin of mine ever breaks with an update, I'd be the first to know.


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