GameEffecter - experiential development
What can it do?
It will add sound effects to your server,
It will add special effects to your server,
It can even play music on the server,
Hello everyone, I am a newcomer to this forum to familiarize myself with you.
I brought you a copy of my own original plug-in, GameEffecter.
It can make your server instantly become very cool, have a lot of special effects and sound.
And this plugin supports all the mainstream versions, and you can use it freely!
This plugin was originally used on my own server,
Now open him to everybody.
Manual: configuration file:
There is nothing for the time being
/ge help access help information
/ge reload overloaded plug-in
/ge playsong < file name > < player > > play music for the specified player
Note: this plug-in has built-in preset music. Enter /ge playsong De_er.nbs < player name > to see and hear.
/ge stopsong < player name > stop playing music to the specified player
GameEffecter.effect # must give the game player to see the effects.
GameEffecter.admin # administrator command
The use of # song series of commands
How do I add music to the server?
NBS is not a traditional music genre, but a MC note box music type.
If you are proficient in composing music, please download this software to make your music.
At the same time, the software also supports the conversion of MID music to.Nbs music.
When you get a.Nbs music, put this file in the GameEffecter folder.
Then enter /ge playsong mysong.nbs (file name), your game name can listen to songs.
List of effects:
Player death sounds
Player attack sound
Enter full service sound effects
Exit full service sound effects
Throwing objects sound effects
Mode changes sound effects
Bucket sound
Speak, command, sound
Transfer sound effects
Change the effects of the item bar
Moving objects sound effects
Air knife sound
Send vertigo effects
Attack spurting effects
Attack weapon material effects
Archery picture jitter special effects
Biological effects
When players shoot arrows, the player's screen will shake
When creatures are generated, they appear smoke effects, and you can place them on the RPG server.
Brush monsters become especially nice, just like monsters emerge from smoke.
When the blood will produce effect of muscle tissue is the monster knife attack.
Attack effects also vary depending on the weapon's different textures.
The portal creates sound effects
Underwater breathing sound effects
Play any music you want on the server
Just put it directly in the server's plugins folder.
Pre - must: download the pre - support version here
Plugin body: [attach]1100888[/attach]
Update description:
2017-07-16: the plug-in now supports a higher version!
2017-07-17: plugins can now play music in NBS format!


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