Galaran's Heroes Skills

Galaran's Heroes Skills

Some custom skills for the Heroes plugin

How to Install

  1. Unzip latest zip to plugins/Heroes/skills folder.
  2. Restart the server
  3. Default configuration will automatically be written to skills.yml file
  4. Now you can edit default configuration and add skills to your classes

Skill List

Italic - passive skill

  • EnderBomb - throw enderpeal, which explodes on hit. Explosion occurs in any case. In no-explosions areas, there is no grief anyway. In wilderness grief controlled with parameter prevent-wilderness-block-damage-and-fire
  • Turret - ability to place turret (see turret page), which attacks enemies with arrows. Turret selects target by criterias: distance, mob/player, owner's enemy, sneak. Turret does not attack party members, Towny/Factions residents/friends/allies (optional), friendly pets, invisible players, and targets out of sight line. As created, turret has a certain charges (or unlimited, depends config). To add charges, load arrows to the dispenser block. One arrow gives configurable amount of charges. If turret is persistent, it doesnt disappears on server reload, chunk unload and owner quit (saves in plugins/Heroes/turrets.yml)
  • HerbalismExtra - adds Dead Bush drop from leaves and Fern drop from TallGrass
  • SummonWolfPack - summons 1-3 wolves (tamed). Before this skill user's wolves disappears (100 blocks around)
  • Kick - kick target causing it to fly 3 blocks upward and silences it
  • Boomerang - throw current weapon (supports editing throwable items list and damage of each in the skill config) in the target. After hit, weapon returns back to owner's hand or there is a chance of fail to catch it. In this case, the item drops nearby
  • Rockslide - drops gravel blocks on the target, causing suffocation. Configurable rockslide size, gravel blocks rollback time. Checks if player can build here, before using skill (optional, could possibly conflicts with anticheat plugins). Prevents gravel farming from rockslide
  • SummonBoat - to water only
  • Scent - shows "You hear someone's footsteps" message if there is a player around (in radius). Ignore invisible/sneaking players is configurable
  • Trick - moves out target's equipped item to its inventory (or swaps with random slot, if inventory is full). If used on melee mob, eliminates it's attack damage for specified time
  • SlimeAttack - spawns A tiny slimes around the target. B% chance to spawn big and C% to spawn small slime instead of every tiny. Slimes despawns after D seconds. There is no exp and loot farming from summoned slimes. Consumes slimeballs
  • PoisonedGrass - poison plants and grass blocks in radius. Player (except party members), who touch it will be poisoned for A seconds, taking B damage every C seconds. (Skill can affect large server performance!)
  • Totem - ability to place totems by building block structure, as on the image. Build side block last. Side and Ground blocks types are configurable and Base block (in the middle) determines totem type.
    Totem types has general and specific parameters. General parameters (independent for each totem type and class): Can-use, CD, Mana, Totem radius, Max lifetime, Tick interval (ms), Break protection (except totem builder, OPs and perm:skilltotem.bypassprotection), and charges. Each totem type uses charges its own way. When charges reaches 0, totem will be destroyed. All totem types share the same cooldown. Player can build one totem at the same time, if it builds second - it replaces first. Also totem destroyed when builder leave the game. On totem death all blocks drops naturally, and there is option to disable base block drop.

    Totem types, by base block (ingame command: /skill totem)
    • Tempest (lapis block) - attacks players (non-party) and monsters (lower priority, than players) with lightning with specified damage. 1 Charge = 1 lighting strike
    • Recovery (melon block) - heals party, AOE. 1 Charge = 1hp, restored by totem
    • Slowdown (soulsand) - slows down players (non-party) with specified slow effect level (potion), AOE. 1 Charge = Applying 1 slow effect to single target
  • WolfForm (Requires DisguiseCraft plugin) - you transform into wolf for A seconds. In this form attack power (especially unarmed) and moving speed increasing. You can allow only specified skills in the wolf form. (Wolf form visible only to other players, not skill user)
  • Undisguise (Requires DisguiseCraft plugin) Undisguise yourself back to normal form (applied to Transform and WolfForm) by skill use, or by trigger: any attack, pvp attack, any damage, pvp damage (configurable)

Source Code

Github repo


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