FurnaceFX allows for users to create redstone mechanisms with furnaces to create special effects in their worlds. These include sound effects and particle effects. Particle effects can either be set up as fountains (fixed location) or as text.



In the supplied configuration, you'll find a configuration called "LetterStyle". This is used to create the fonts for your words. By using 1's and 0's, you are able to specifiy exactly how each character appears when using word effects.

    Row1: '00100'
    Row2: '01100'
    Row3: '00100'
    Row4: '00100'
    Row5: '11111'

In the above example, the number '1' is shown. 0's are basically dead space and 1's are displayed. You can have as many rows as you want and make each letter as wide as you want, but if you don't make all characters the same size, then it might display oddly.


  • /fx reload: Reload the configuration for furnacefx.
  • /fx sound (sound #): Create a new sound effect.
  • /fx visual (particle name): Create a new visual effect.
  • /fx word (particle name) (phrase): Create a new visual word effect.
Example - /fx word flame Hello World

To create effects, you must be holding paper in your hand. This will retool the paper for use in your FurnaceFX creations.


  • fx.reload: Allow the use of the "/fx reload" command.
  • fx.create: Allow the use of other fx commands to create effects.

How to Use

First, you need to be holding paper in your hand and create your effect using the /fx command. If you are creating a sound, you will need to supply the ID # of the sound .Ex: /fx sound 3.

  • 0-59: Misc Sound Effects
  • 60-151: Mob Sounds
  • 152-158: Digging Sounds
  • 159-166: Firework Sounds
  • 167-186: Horse Sounds
  • 187-192: Villager Sounds

Full List

If you are creating a visual or word effect, you will need to supply the name of the particle. Here's the full list - some work very well and some don't work so well at all. The "bubbles" effect only works underwater (combine this with the lava sound effect for some sweet hot tubs!).

  • fireworksSpark
  • mobSpellAmbient
  • witchMagic
  • angryVillager
  • happyVillager
  • hugeexplosion
  • largeexplode
  • bubble
  • suspended
  • depthsuspend
  • townaura
  • crit
  • magicCrit
  • smoke
  • mobSpell
  • spell
  • instantSpell
  • note
  • portal
  • enchantmenttable
  • explode
  • flame
  • lava
  • footstep
  • splash
  • largesmoke
  • cloud
  • reddust
  • snowballpoof
  • dripWater
  • dripLava
  • snowshovel
  • slime
  • heart
  • iconcrack_
  • tilecrack_

Note: All particle names are CASE SENSITIVE! Okay, so now that you've created your effect you will need to throw this newly renamed piece of paper into the top slot of a furnace. Once you've done that, a redstone current needs to activate UNDER the furnace.

Thanks for checking it out!

If you liked this, check out my first project that inspired this one: Footsteps I'm also working on a massive RPG/PVP project at the moment, which is currently in an alpha stage. You can check it out here.

Other Features

For sounds: If you put a stack of redstone dust into the bottom slot of the furnace, it will increase the range that the sound can be heard from depending on the number of dusts in the stack. More dusts = further range.

For visual effects and word effects: If you put redstone dust in the bottom slot, it will increase the height that the effect spawns at. This can be useful for positioning or if you want to hide the furnace contraptions underground.

For visual effects: You can put a stack of the same paper into the furnace to intensify the number of particles that spawn.

For word effects: You can also rename the dust to a number to mess with the size of the word. 1.0 is the default, so if you do 1.1 it will be slightly bigger. Honestly 1.0 looks the best in my opinion - anything lower is hard to read and anything too much bigger is spaced out too far. If you want bigger characters, just make a new font set in the configuration file.

Developers (v1.1 and higher)

If you wish to incorporate this plugin into a project you are working on, follow these instructions.

  1. Add the jar file to your project libraries
  2. Import the class like this: import com.gmail.rofmud.FurnaceFX;
  3. Create a new instance of the FurnaceFXUtil class like this: FurnaceFXUtil fUtil = new FurnaceFXUtil();
  4. Now you can do various things like creating effects, spawning letters and spawning phrases.


  • fUtil.createEffect(entity, nameOfEffect, location, effectSpeed, amountOfParticles, heightmod, distance);
  • fUtil.SpawnLetter(entity, loc, letter, eff, dir, heightmod, init_size, speed);
  • fUtil.SpawnPhrase(origin, loc, phrase, eff, dir, heightmod, init_size, speed);


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