Troubleshooting and Common Questions

Lots of features aren't working. What's the problem?

Probably, you're op. Or you have the "extrahardmode.bypass.*" permission. To confirm, ask other players if they see features working, like dirt blocks falling.

Explosions are doing damage where I have set protections! Why?

Lots of anti-grief plugins have a bug where they protect against all types of "vanilla" explosions, but don't know how to handle explosions generated by plugins. The best solution is to upgrade your anti-grief to a plugin called Grief Prevention, which doesn't have that problem (and it's the best anyway). You could also set ExtraHardMode's "disable explosions" option to true, which will solve your problem, but will also disable lots of cool features like blazes exploding when they die, bigger TNT explosions, charged creepers exploding when damaged, and so on.

All these explosions have made my world look like the surface of the moon, full of craters. :(

I recommend Grief Prevention or another anti-grief plugin which limits explosive damage to under sea level. That way, you won't have a mess on the surface, but your players can still use TNT for mining, and other underground explosions will continue to produce satisfying devastation.

It's raining on my torches. Why haven't they gone out?

For sake of performance, torches gradually go out over time. It's not predictable when a specific torch will fall off the wall, but rest assured that torches in populated areas (where one or more players play) will eventually go out if left exposed to the sky. Also note that ANY non-air block over the torch will protect it from the rain, even leaves and other blocks which seem not-solid.

Why isn't my ender dragon respawning?

He respawns when nobody's looking. Specifically, when no one is in the end. Also note that if everyone runs away (leaves the world), his health will be restored.