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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


3.5.1 -> 3.5.2

Post tickets if there are any issues. Ask questions in the comments. Your feedback and feature requests are welcome!

Make sure to check your config, some nodes might have changed and enabled things that where previously disabled. I worked on most of the stuff back in April so I might have forgotten some things.


  • Removed support for WorldGuard

3.5 -> 3.5.1


  • spamming error
  • some config nodes resetting to 0

3.4.2 -> 3.5


  • carrots and potatoes are affected by the dead bush mechanic


  • Added configuration to add blocks from modded versions of minecraft
  • Softened stone blocks don't have to be in the fallingblocks list to fall
  • Added configuration to change the effects and damage multipliers for the environmental damage option
  • Added configuration to the "items loss on death feature" which enables blacklisting of items and damaging of tools instead of deleting tools completely
  • Zombies will drop zombie skulls on the floor when resurrecting. Breaking the skull will prevent the zombie from resurrecting
  • Added a config to reduce damage from zombiepigmen, which is a bit too high in vanilla mc
  • Added a config to enable drops from falling blocks being broken by torches

3.4.1 -> 3.4.2

Post tickets if there are any issues. Ask questions in the comments. Your feedback and feature requests are welcome!

This is build #87 from my jenkins server, so if you have that or something newer no need to download.


  • Fix some features not getting deactivated correctly in ehm disabled worlds and some tutorial messages showing for deactivated features.
  • Reduce damage from suffocation when on a horse and improved environmental damage is turned on.
  • Added rudimentary support for acacia tree logs falling. I'm aware that not all logs fall down.


  • Added a ConfigNode so you can have extrahardmode's explosion physics with explosions from other plugins (disabled by default)
  • Messages are shown in the scoreboard on the right side instead of the chat. This is great because it keeps your chat cleaner and makes players more aware of tutorial messages. You can change preferences for this in messages.yml.

3.4 -> 3.4.1

Post tickets if there are any issues. Ask question in the comments.


  • Explosions are recognized by other plugins with the correct entity. So creeper explosions are creeper explosions and likewise for tnt. This involved a workaround I recently came up with. Blockloggers, protection plugins etc. should handle explosions correctly.
  • The config to enable/disable silverfish works correctly

3.3.3 -> 3.4


  • a built in tutorial for players, plugin will send tutorial messages a limited amount of times to every player
  • Blocks and tools for the "Hardened Stone" feature can be fully customized
  • Add support for '@all' as a placeholder for all worlds
  • Add cool explosion "physics"
  • Redid Skeletons. They can shoot different kinds of arrows, silverfish will be killed if skeleton dies and there is a limit to how many silverfish can be summoned.


  • Fix blazes from spawners dropping gunpowder
  • Config Option for PigZombies dropping wart not working
  • "Limited Building" is more reliable, torch/flower exploits have been fixed
  • fix blazes not exploding on death
  • fix "social zombie" spawning not working well with respawning zombies
  • many small little fixes

Configuration Changes

These are changes that will reset the particular sections in the config.

For a full rundown of what everything does Check here.

If you still have any questions feel free to ask.

  • The amount of stone a particular tool can mine is configurable for every possible tool
  • The blocks that cause surrounding stone to soften is configurable
  • Respawn Health is a percentage and there is a toggle to turn of completely
  • Configuration of skeletons has completely changed
  • Ghasts configuration has changed. The damage dealt to Ghasts is now a percentage and there is multipliers for exp and drops.
  • Mossy cobblestone and cobblestone halfslabs have been added to the default falling blocks
  • Under Additional Falling Blocks: Falling blocks can now break torches
  • A whole new section on Explosion Physics has been added
  • Default explosions of Ghast fireballs has been changed from 3 to 2