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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0


3.1. → 3.11


  • Very High Spawnrates in MonsterSpawnInLights
  • Config: Arid Deserts works now

3.01. → 3.1


  • Revamped the structure of the config file, changed the config directory
  • Changes to the config:
    • Separated "No branchmining" and "ores soften stone"
    • Added configs to make farming features more configurable
    • Added a few optional sounds
    • max-y for creepers dropping tnt
  • Burning creepers will launch in the air with fireworks
  • Commands added: /ehm version, ehm reload
  • plugin recognizes ores from other mods, like ic2, rp6, metallurgy
  • Added a permission to silence messages


  • Changed permission extrahardmode.bypass to extrahardmode.bypass.*
  • Some edits to the "Monster-Spawn-In-Light" Feature
    • no spawns on halfslabs, transparent blocks
    • only active in overworld
    • reduced number of silverfish


  • error when throwing potions from dispensers
  • Fixed no being able to build on a platform made out of halfslabs
  • Charged Creepers only explode when targetting a player or shot by bow. So they will no longer explode if they walk into a cactus and noone is around.
  • Animals won't be affected by Antigrinder code anymore
  • fixed error when MoCreatures tries to spawn an animal
  • Only one Silverfish exits when breaking a silverfish block
  • when in creative building, torch, mining and water restrictions don't apply
  • Fixed bug that didn't allow to use boats when too heavy
  • If for whatever reason there are multiple dragons in the end, they will be removed so that there is only one
  • Sheep loosing their dyeColor when eating wool, sheep spawning colored when breed

Alpha 2 → 3.1

  • quickFix: Skeletons only shooting silverfish
  • fixed charged creepers only exploding on second hit
  • configchanges:
    • renamed “more tnt per recipe” → “tnt per recipe”
    • renamed “arid infertile desserts” → “infertile deserts”
    • renamed “cant craft melonsseeds” → “cant craft melonseeds”
    • readded “lost” code to fix halfslab-bug
    • config cleans itself now!