3.1 Alpha 1


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    Feb 23, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0


  • Config recognizes too high and too low values.
  • Changed the folder path for the config and the structure of the config itself. You will have to redo your config, sorry.
  • Added Configs:
    • "No branchmining" and "ores soften stone" are two separate configs
    • Farming-Feature is more configurable
    • Added config for animal exp nerf
    • configurable max-Y-Level where creepers are allowed to drop tnt
    • Added optional sounds
      • A fizz, when you cant place a torch
      • A warning sound, when a creeper drops tnt. Currently one of the ghasts sounds. You'll run instinctively if you hear the sound :-D .
  • revamped the "Monsters Spawn in light" feature
    • no spawns on halfslabs/stairs/transparent blocks
    • checks if block is elligible to spawn on
    • is only active for the overworld, there are enough monsters in the end and in the nether
    • Fixed a bug that caused monsters to spawn on any heightlevel disregardless of your config setting
    • Reduced the numer of silverfish drastically (will add config later)
  • New commands (thanks to Mitsugaru)
    • /ehm reload - reloads config
    • /ehm version - shows the version
  • Code Cleanup (courtesy of Mitsugaru)
  • Plugin recognizes ores from industrialcraft and redpower2 by default and possibly others aswell
  • Changed Bypass permission to extrahardmode.bypass.*
  • Added a permission to completely silence messages "extrahardmode.silent.*"
  • Changed the feature "Flaming creepers" so that creepers don't instantly explode when on fire. The reason for this change is that weapons with fire become useless when creepers instakill you. Also spawns some nice fireworks as a warning before the creeper explodes.
  • Fixes:
    • error when throwing potions from dispensers
    • Fixed no being able to build on a platform made out of halfslabs
    • Charged Creepers only explode when targetting a player or shot by bow. So they will no longer explode if they walk into a cactus and noone is around.
    • Animals won't be affected by Antigrinder code anymore
    • fixed error when MoCreatures tries to spawn an animal
    • Only one Silverfish exits when breaking a silverfish block
    • when in creative building, torch, mining and water restrictions don't apply
    • Fixed bug that didn't allow to use boats when too heavy
    • If for whatever reason there are multiple dragons in the end, they will be removed so that there is only one