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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0


2.8 Updates!

  • No more building in the end, to force players to stop trying to cheat the dragon by building forts and instead actually face him in combat. Because players sometimes teleport onto a platform encased in ender stone or may fall into holes and get stuck, players ARE allowed to dig their way up at an angle. In case the "win game" dragon fountain portal is not reachable without building, players who slay the dragon get a tip about using an ender pearl to reach it.
  • Reduced message frequency.
  • Silverfish no longer borrow into blocks to jump out again later. However, silverfish who climbed into blocks earlier or who spawned in blocks (stronghold) during world generation may still jump out to attack.
  • For convenience, creative mode players now bypass block placement restrictions even when they don't have the bypass permission.
  • When the monster grinder inhibitor is enabled (it's on by default), animals will no longer drop experience. After all, they're no challenge to defeat, and are trivial to farm (literally).