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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.1-R2.0


1.2 Updates!

  • The "brittle tools" option wasn't sufficient to encourage players into caverns, they were just making LOTS more stone tools. So this feature has been redesigned. Now, the option is "hardened stone". Only iron and diamond pickaxes may break stone, and they will wear out very quickly when breaking it. When ORE is broken, its removal fractures the stone around it, turning it into cobblestone. This ensures a player who breaks ore will be able to reach the ore to pick it up, and gives new players some access to stone for building. When this mode is active, TNT will only soften stone into cobble rather than outright breaking it. When combined with a future planned feature, this will allow for cave-ins while mining with or without TNT.
  • The "Better TNT" option now increases the TNT recipe output to 3, guarantees all broken blocks will be collectable, and increases the power of each TNT explosion by 50%. Combined with the hardened stone option, TNT replaces pickaxes as the best tool for mining through solid rock, either to collect the rock itself or in search of ore.