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    Aug 4, 2019
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.14


Backup your config before using this build

Or better yet, use a test server!

If some things don't seem to be working right, please feel free to create an issue on the GitHub issue tracker.

Hello and thank you for your interest in participating in the beta test for EHM. Version 3.14 is probably the biggest behind-the-scenes refactor yet, as Bukkit 1.14 has really been aggressive about Material IDs which this project unfortunately relied upon a lot; A custom class which heavily relied on block IDs was used over 100 times throughout the project! Every single instance had to be refactored away, as well as the various custom classes that relied on this custom class.

Other than just testing the plugin in general, here are some changes to specifically test for:

  • All mining-related features
    • tool damage when breaking stone (inhibit mining)
    • surrounding blocks "soften" when breaking ore
    • falling blocks
    • etc.
  • Config
    • Fresh config (ensure it creates successfully and can be read on subsequent server starts)
    • Existing config from older versions (most things should be retained)


  • #179 Config to cause campfires to be extinguished by rain just like torches. Defaults to off.
  • 1.14 compatible

Behind the scenes

  • f00ecfd Custom BlockType class entirely refactored away
    • BlockTypeList is removed. Indirectly replaced by List (see below)
    • BlockRelation removed
    • BlockRelationsList refactored to use Bukkit Material instead of the removed BlockType.
  • Use List, or more specifically List for the majority of config options that used to use BlockTypeList
  • MultiWorldConfig#getStringListAsMaterialList now replaces the old getBlockTypeList. Need feedback on whether this method should be deprecated or fixed to avoid doing unchecked casts??
  • #181 Updated missing farm Materials