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    Nov 7, 2018
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.13


ExtraHardMode is nearly ready for 1.13-compatible release! Make sure you report any bugs on the issue tracker. https://github.com/MLG-Fortress/ExtraHardMode/issues


Major changes


  • Removed Realistic Chopping (Falling logs)
    • This feature has been delegated to GraviTree, another Big_Scary-created plugin with a newer and (potentially) better tree-detection algorithm. If you want falling logs to damage players, make sure you set that option in its config.

Minor changes

  • Removed config node Additional Falling Blocks.Dmg Amount When Hitting Players
    • This feature was already covered by Player.Enhanced Environmental Injuries.Suffocation, and was likely the cause of some admins getting confused as to why players appear to take more damage than usual from what appears to be suffocation. This feature also always applied the Confusion potion with hardcoded attributes, whereas the Suffocation section allows you to specify a potion and its attributes.
  • Removed long-dead mcstats
  • Many unlisted behind-the-scenes updates and cleanup for 1.13. Thank you SlimeDog for testing and providing info to help fix many of these!