Spawn a chest full of.. anything! in less than five seconds!

Version: v0.4 for bukkit 1.1-R1 to 1.2.5-R4.0

Any OP may use /fullchest itemname to spawn a chest full of itemname above the block you are looking at. Itemname may be either a ID or the name of item (for example diamond_sword, tnt or 46).


  • Spawn a chest with all slots full of the specified item in stacks of 64.
  • You can create a second chest next to the first one to create a double chest with the second half filled with the item you specified the second time.
  • Infinite range: As long as you see the block you are going to place the chest on, you can spawn it!
  • OP protection so your regular players can't spawn chests
  • Support data values, works just as ScrapBukkit: /fullchest wool:1 for orange wool, 17:2 for birch wood etc.
  • Support for enchantments (only legal ones): /fullchest diamond_sword damage_all:3 v0.4
  • Help command /fullchest help v0.4


Permissions is optional, and is auto-detected. Without Permissions, the plugin simply relay on the built in OP system. Only the built in super permissions are used. There's only one Permission node at the moment: - 'FullChest.create' (that allows you to create a chest using /FullChest.)

List of Items and Enchantment names

List of Enchants

List of Items


If you think it takes too long to write /fullchest, you can use bShortcut, a great plugin that will make any bukkit commands shorter.


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