This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Main Ideas

This mod is going to compliment the Sunburn Reborn mod here.

It will offer many of the same role-playing features/ideas, but unlike sunburn, will be active at night. The two mods will eventually be glued together into a full solar apocalypse mod that will provide the features of both mods plus some extras.

Planned Features

  • Going out at night without armor of some kind (config) will deal cold damage - This will be slow and mostly unnoticeable.
  • Staying out for too long will "freeze" the player, applying a slow potion effect, and dealing damage.
  • If the player touches ice or water, he will get "hypothermia", quickly getting rid of health and hunger. Afterwards, the player must spend some time (config) near a heat source (config)
  • Being in a blizzard, regardless of your armor, will drastically lower your health and hunger. It will however NOT kill you. (config)
  • Permissions of some sort, not for a while though.
  • Although the idea of this mod is for it to be paired with SunBurn, so you get burned during the day and frozen at night, the effective time period will be configurable so that users can get frostbite during the day as well.

Some other Features that may or may not be included

  • I was thinking: What could have made these kind of drastic weather changes on earth? A very depleted ozone layer, or some other atmospheric phenomena. These phenomena would likely have been caused by a nuclear war of sorts. Therefore, the following features may be included at a later point, depending on if users find them favorable.
  • Radiation poisoning - slowly kills you
  • Deserts would be hot-spots (configurable). Spending too much time in them will give you rad poisoning and irradiate your food.
  • Food that has been irradiated will become rotten flesh, because there really are no better alternatives...
  • If it is possible to get snow in the desert, fallout will also be possible.


As with all my other projects, they will be open-source and hosted on GitHub once sufficient progress has been made...

My other projects: SunBurn Reborn IceSkates

Thanks for your support! vsams14


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