An auto-messaging/auto-announcement/announcer/thing system for your minecraft server.

Bukkit version doesn't matter for this plugin. Please don't ask me to update it for that reason.


Okay, so here's my first plugin which I've actually released that isn't amazingly small-scale. It's a fairly simple plugin which relays messages, at the rate in minutes, set in the configuration. It allows for colours, multi-line messages, message cycling, and message shuffling. I made this because I've seen a few plugins like this, but they're either out-of-date and don't work, or they just don't work, period. From thereabouts comes this plugin, FrogAnnounce. I know the name is lame; I'm not creative with names, sorry.

FrogAnnounce 2.0.1: Review By: UltiByte


Version: 2.5.0
Build date: 28 May 2014
BukkitDev Download: Latest Build

Not-Always-So-Stable Source

GitHub: TheLunarFrog's Source


  • Announcements relayed to the entire server at the specified rate
  • Random or sequenced (configurable)
  • Ability to store as many announcements as you want
  • Force an announcement to run immediately, without interrupting the normal announcement cycle or schedule
  • Opt out and ignore announcements, or opt-in again and be unignored to see them again, controllable with permission nodes
  • Ability to announce everything to only certain groups (improved in 2.3.0).
  • Ability to send specific messages to certain groups, i.e. announcement 1 to group administrators, announcement 2 to moderators and donators (improved in 2.3.0)
  • In 2.3.0: Ability to announce everything to only certain worlds
  • In 2.3.0: Ability to announce only certain announcements to certain worlds
  • In 2.3.0: Ability to combine any of the preceding 4 conditions (global groups, announcement-specific groups, global worlds, and announcement-specific worlds)

Planned Features

  • Any suggestions are welcome.

Special Function Explanations

Special function explanations with escape sequences and other special instructions and help (i.e. announcement specific group filtering, etc.)

Change Log


Permissions & Commands

Permissions & Commands

Configuration Explanation


Bugs and Feature Requests

Bug reports & Feature Requests


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