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Requested by TaylaGang-

NOTE: dchaosknight here again, everyone! Before you get excited about my return, don't get your hopes up just yet. I can't say if this is a full-fledged return to maintaining this plugin; it's too early to tell. I can only hope that I won't lose motivation this time around, but that's all it is: a hope. All I can say is this: I'm glad to be updating this plugin again, and I hope you all are, too. Happy frisking!

This highly-configurable plugin will allow you to search people for drugs and other contraband, able to be defined in the config. It also implements other features such as a "beatdown mode", which allows "cops" to beat other players if they don't comply in order to get the job done.


  • Right click on or hit a player while holding a stick to frisk them! Don't abuse it, though: with each frisking that they don't have drugs on them, you'll take damage!
  • When you frisk them, the drugs that were in their inventory will be taken out and confiscated by you!
  • Auto-jail players! (Requires Essentials to work)
  • Report other players for drugs!
  • Chase players down when they're on the run!

How Frisking Works

The ability to frisk someone relies upon permissions, of which you can find a list below. Frisking is pretty simple: right click or hit the player with a stick in your hand (configurable). Once you've done that, you will attempt to frisk them for a certain amount of time (also configurable), during which the player you are frisking can either run or stay put. If they stay, they will immediately be frisked, taking any drugs in their possession away from them and giving them to you. If the config allows for auto-jailing, the player will also be jailed (NOTE: Requires Essentials to work). If they don't have any drugs, however, you will be punished by taking damage. If the player chooses to run, they will enter a mode called "beatdown mode" and be considered to be "on the run". In this mode, right clicking them won't work; you can only hit them. Once they lose enough health, be it by falling or by you hitting them, they will be too weak to carry on, allowing you to frisk and jail them.


The config reference for this plugin can be found here.


The command list for this plugin can be found here.


The permission list for this plugin can be found here.

Source Code

You can see the source code on GitHub.

What's New?

1.0 Beta

  • Rewrote plugin from scratch in an effort to make the code more organized and legible
  • Added beatdown mode
  • Removed ability to frisk by command
  • Fixed every bug currently reported, if memory serves:
    • Fixed duplication glitch with renamed items
    • Fixed auto-jailing issue
    • Fixed frisking inventory issue (the items didn't always appear in the cop's inventory)
    • Fixed internal error when frisking
  • Added more permissions
  • Added more config options
  • Switched from an id-based to a name-based system for defining drugs in the config
  • Added a few new commands
  • Updated to 1.7.9

Click here for the full change log.

Important Information

  • If you happen to be updating from an older version to 1.0 Beta, delete the old config file before using this plugin!
  • This plugin currently utilizes Plugin Metrics for stat collection. Plugin Metrics collects information concerning the following things about your server: the contents of plugins/Plugin-Metrics/config.yml, the number of players currently online, the version of the server you're running, the version of FriskStick you're running, and the Mineshafter status of your server. It will send most of this information (excluding the Mineshafter status) along with the version of Plugin Metrics being run, the GUID of the server (which is what Plugin Metrics uses to identify servers in place of IPs), and any custom data associated with FriskStick to, where it will be made publicly available for everyone to see. If you wish to exclude your server from this data collection, go to your plugins/Plugin-Metrics directory and set opt-out in the config.yml to true.
  • In addition to using Plugin Metrics, FriskStick also uses CurseForge's API to detect available updates on the BukkitDev website. If you wish for the plugin to not make the internet connection necessary to check this, set enable-update-checking in plugins/FriskStick/config.yml to false.
  • The auto-jailing feature is dependent on Essentials to work. If Essentials is not installed on your server, the plugin will still load, but the auto-jailing functionality will be missing regardless of the settings in the config.
  • If you are installing Beta 1.0 and FriskStick was not previously installed, go into your plugins directory and create a folder titled FriskStick. If you fail to do this, the plugin will crash upon starting. This bug is due to an oversight during testing, as the folder was already present on the test server. It will be fixed in the next release, but until then, I apologize for the inconvenience.

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