This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


FriendZone is the friend that you keep by your side thick and thin, you tell it everything, it keeps your darkest secrets and never strays from its path, its a social network, its a binding to the people you love( and keep close) and it never stops being their.

Pssh, I felt like being dramatic. Now on to the actual description.


FriendZone is your one stop shop for a friend type system on your server(or Network). It has chat support (using @PlayerName) with the 1.7 features of HoverMenu and such, it works with the scoreboard, It shows special name colors over friends heads, it notifies you when a friend joins the server (or network), its like a party system, and so much more.

This page is bound to grow and look better as development progresses. This page currently just a way to keep track of requests, things made, things thought about and a basic description of FriendZone. If you wish to view current progress and read up on past events regarding FriendZone check out the Updates / Change Log at the bottom of this page


  • Friend and/or Party System
    • Special colored overhead names for friends
    • Can be notified when friends joins the server (or another server on network)
    • Able to teleport to friend and go back
  • Chat Support (using 1.7 Chat Features)
    • Mentioning players with @PlayerName (also sends player a "Ding")
    • HoverEffect when using @PlayerName, this shows server (if on network) and and anything else the admin desires
  • Scoreboard (Is Dynamic)
    • Can show amount of friends online
    • Can show each friend online (one per line) in a specified color
    • Can show each offline friend (one per line) in a specified color
  • Much More / Etc
    • MySQL / SQLite Database System. (May also fall back onto YAML as a fail safe)
    • In-Game GUI that displays all friends and options for each friend (May also include enemies)
    • Admin System
      • Who is friends with who
      • When someone was tagged (@PlayerName)
      • When a friend was teleported to another friend
      • When a player joins a server
  • Maybe (This is stuff that i have thought about adding and need to think it over)
    • A Social Network-like interface with status and stuff (Including a Web Interface)
    • Where one has friends one also has Enemies
    • A Facebook tracking-like feature
      • PlayerName was last seen on February 18, 2014 at 5PM
      • PlayerName was last spotted on world '<world>' at location: x 3000, y 30, z 4567
    • A Private Messaging System
    • A Spectator Like-first person of your friend

Update / Change Log


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