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Friendz is a plugin where you can be friends with each other. It will be a bukkit server plugin where you can chat with your friends on the server where you're currently on. After the beta's its gonna be cross-server! So you'll be able to chat with your friends on a complete other server! Awesome isn't it.

Cracked Servers

This plugin is disabled for cracked servers, if you run this on a cracked server it will not work and the server will shut down. I did this because when it's going to be cross-server i need to make a ton of unique id's for every player on every server who has this plugin, and than it will maybe not work.


What's lined-trough is done

  • make the config.cfg file and the data folders/files
  • make the /fd command
  • make the /fd invite <player> command
  • make the /fd invite <player> command for offline players
  • make the /fd accept command
  • make the /fd deny command
  • make some permissions
  • make the /fd templatereset command
  • make the chat command (\ )
  • deny players hit each other and there animals When this list is finished and i debugged everything then the first beta release will com out!

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