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FriendMe is a plugin idea I had that will allow you to have friend in Minecraft like on any social network. You can put friends into diffrent catergories depending on what you would like to do with certain people.


  • Send friend requests to other players and except them
  • Create friend groups such as "Family" or "Cools"
  • When friends come on it alerts you.
  • With commands and chat you can send something to all your friends and groups Example: Using /op [friends] will op all your friends.


  • /friends add <player>: Sends a friend request to a player.
  • /friends accept <player>: Accepts a friend request from a player (if available).
  • /friends requests: List of players who want to be your friend.
  • /friends remove <player>: Remove a player from your friends list.
  • /friends group create <name>: Create a group.
  • /friends group add <name> <player>: Add a player to a group.
  • /friends group remove <name> <player>: Remove a player from the group. (This will not remove them as a friend).
  • /friends group delete <name>: Delete a group.


  • max-groups: Limits players fro creating millions of groups


  • friends.banned: Limits a player from using any aspect of the friends plugin.


  • None

This is only an idea. Please tell me what you think an if it is worth building. Thank You


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