• This Is My Very First Plugin And I Hope You Like It! Well All This Plugin Does Is That It Freezes Players (they can't move). This Is Useful when some one is abusing or even griefing. This Plugin Is Still In It Beta Days So I'm thinking about what to add into it but until then you can enjoy this beta, it works perfectly and does what you tell it to do (freeze players of course).


• Freeze Players With A Command Or The Console
• Players Are Not Able To Break blocks while their frozen
• (Optional) Players Cant talk while their frozen
• Config File
• With Console You Can Freeze OP's Now
• Colors In Plugin


• freeze.allow = Players Can Freeze Other Players
• freeze.bypass = Player can't be frozen but still can by console
• freeze.* = Access to all permissions in plugin


• /freeze [Player name]

How To Use FreezeThem

• The way you use this plugin is by being a op or using the console, then you need a online player so that is works (player can't be op) then if your typing the command in game type "/freeze [victim]" without " " and if your using the console you type "freeze [victim]" without " ". when a player is frozen he will not be able to break blocks. To un-freeze the player you want to do the same command and then they will be un-frozen


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