Freeze versions

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First release.


Add /freezeall and /unfreezeall commands. Add freeze.never permission.


Bug with BlockIgniteEvent fixed.


Add options for let (or not) people who are freezed use commands or speak in the global chat.


Add option for let (or not) freezed players freezed when the server reboots. Add /tmpfreeze command for temporarily freeze players.


Lots of changes in code. (Thanks a lot to aumgn for his help !)

Add /rldfreeze command and world argument in /freezeall command.

Add /freezelist command.

Add message option.

Seconds arguments for /tmpfreeze can now be seconds or "like-Essentials" time format (3d4h5m3s for 3 days 4 hours 5 minutes and 3 seconds)

Temporarily freeze time is also save with freezed players when the server reboot or is reloaded. (when save option is enabled)

Bug fixed when you give freeze.tmpfreeze node without freeze.freeze node.


Add /freezecheck command.

The plugin automatically check if there is a new update and send a message in the console (or to ops or players who have freeze.checkupdate permission if alertupdate option is set to true).

Add freeze.checkupdate permission and alertupdate option.

Fix command option bug.

Spelling corrections.


Updating to CB-1.3.1-R2.0

Using AsyncPlayerChatEvent instead of PlayerChatEvent (deprecated).

Adding lookaround option and autoupdate option.


Adding "teleport" parameter.

The update information will not show an error anymore if the version file can't be downloaded.