Item frames, paintings, armor stands and leash knots are, for simplicity, called objects on this page.

Protect your item frames, paintings, armor stands and leash knots!
Very simple to use.

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WorldEdit feature not working (/fp worldedit)

There is a spelling mistake in FrameProtect 2.7

How to fix?

Use /fp worledit or /fp we to use this feature.


Console Spam

Unable to respawn disappeared object

This error is throws when FrameProtect is, for any reason, unable to respawn a disappeared object.

Example: A user puts a leash knot on a fence. Then an admin plays with commands and accidentally removes all entities. After that, the user destroys the fence. FrameProtect will now try to respawn the leash knot but fails because there is no fence post anymore.

How to fix?
Well, this does not actually fix the problem, but to get rid of the console spam, you can set settings.protected.respawnDisappeared in config.yml to false then reload FrameProtect (/fp reload), then set it to true again (or let it be). This will remove all protections that could not be respawned.



Error Messages

The service FrameProtect 2.7 uses for update checking is shutting down due to the new design. Read more...

How to fix?
Update to FrameProtect 2.8.


Could not pass event HangingPlaceEvent to FrameProtect v2.7 (or similar)

This might be caused by the language set in config.yml not matching any existing language file in the language folder.

How to fix?
Make sure that you enter the exact name of the language file you want to use under language in config.yml.


Unsupported major.minor version 52.0

This error is caused by a Java version mismatch. You need Java 8 to run FrameProtect.
How to fix?
Update Java to version 8.