1.7.7Optimized frame loading
1.7.6Fixed frame loading problems
1.7.3Fixed multiworld
1.7.1Sending rewrite, added delay between frame sends, fixed many buggs. Now the plugin needs ProtocolLib!
1.7Add frame unloading, fix chunk loading.
1.6.9Update to bukkit 1.7.8/1.7.9
1.6.8Update to bukkit 1.7.5
1.6.7Add version check, add faster rendering, add picture cache on startup, fix tracker bugs
1.6.6New entity tracker.
1.6.5Fix Chunk Loading Bug. (Standard Load Radius is now 30! When you go about 32, change the misc entity-tracking-range in spigot.yml!)
1.6.4Fix asynchronous Errors.
1.6.3Fix Load Bug, when a Player logged in.
1.6.2Add Multiframes
1.6.1Fix Frame Item-Place
1.6I have write my own Map Renderer!
1.5.2Removed Async Functions
1.5Update to 1.7
1.4.4Fix Economy Support and Break-Frame Bug
1.4.3Fix Itemdrop in Survival Mode
1.4.2Item Check was removed
1.4.1Add Break Message. Fix Create Bug. The Map File will remove from the World Folder, when you remove the Frame (Not tested on Windows Servers)
  • New Standard Picture Size in the Config
  • Asynchron Frame Update
  • Asynchron Frame Send
  • Better Performance
  • Added ChangeFrameIdEvent
  • Fix Events
  • Update to 1.6.4
  • Set a new Picture Id, when the Id is invalid (Fix many Problems)
  • Added Text on the Frame, when the URL is invalid
1.3.9New Options for WorldGuard added in the Config (Disable Break, Create and Rotate of Frames)
1.3.8Add Faster Rendering (To Enable: Change in Config FasterRendering to true)
1.3.7Add WorldGuard Support
1.3.6Fixed many Bugs and a new Frame System
1.3.5Rewrite the Plugin
1.3.1Add a Picture Check on the Pluginload
1.3Added Money Support. Map Ids save in the frames.yml!
1.2.8Frames will not removed after a Serverrestart!
1.2.7Fixed Laggs!
1.2.6More Performance, Images can load from plugins/FramePicture/images! Please delete your FramePicture Folder!!!!
1.2.5Add Picture Check and fixed the /fp reload Command.
1.2Bugfixes, Save Frames, ...
1.0Created the Plugin