9 Tails Fox Mode

This Plugin Is Inspired By The Manga And Character Naruto!

This plugin plans to add /9tails, /kyuubi, the tailed beast bomb, and the rasen-shuriken to the game. This plugin doesn't have any dependencies and is lightweight on your RAM, and memory.

The Commands Are : /9tails To Go Into 9 Tails Fox Mode, And /kyuubi To Go Into 9 Tails Kyuubi Mode. To use the 9 Tails Kyuubi Mode you have to be in 9 tails fox mode first.

The Permissions Are: 9tails.use To Use The Commands And Moves Described Above, And 9tails.others To Cast Fox Mode Or Kyuubi Mode On Other People. The Permissions Default To OP.

There will be a chance that the 9 tails fox will go out of control while you are transforming. If this happens you will die. This applies to both fox mode and kyuubi mode but, the chance of dying when going into fox mode is slim. On the other hand there is a REALLY large chance of dying when going into kyuubi mode. The 9 tails fox mode will last for 1 minute, and the 9 tails kyuubi mode will last for 10 seconds.


- Add The Long Awaited Tailed Beast Bomb

This Plugin Uses A Lot Of The Script From My Other Plugin, Bankai2 Which You Can Find By Clicking The Link. In Reality Its EXACTLY The Same As Bankai2.

Here Is The Source Code Hosted In GitHub https:github.com/kamehameha1/9-Tails-Fox-Mode

If You Wish To Help Please PM Me.


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