FoundDiamonds v 3.6


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    Aug 31, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.2-R0.1


Version 3.6
  • Fixed checking the same block twice when looking for like blocks (Performance benefit!)
  • Tons of refactoring, much cleaner code. Pull requests and maintenance should be much easier in the future
  • Added an option for awarding all players items/potions, or just the player who found the diamonds.
  • Fixed adding and removing worlds with spaces in their names.
  • Removed config option for admin alerts on trap breaks. Why would admins not want to know about this?
  • Pistons can no longer fool trap blocks.
  • Improved a few redundant and sloppy areas of code. Generic memory/performance enhancements.
  • Fixed permissions bug with world management.
  • Prevented setting traps with really nonsense stuff like lava, sand, torches, etc
  • Removed logging commands to console because bukkit apparently does this natively now.
  • Removed @[email protected] from the default config. It seems a bit excessive...(although it will still work if you want it)
  • Fixed triggering trap blocks from crashing the client when kicked (although that's pretty funny actually)
  • Added silent mode for light level (doesn't let the player know they're being watched or cancel the event!)
  • Light level admin messages now have an option and can't be spammed. (Well, not the same blocks)
  • Added a command to forget placed blocks for easier testing and debugging (requires fd.* or OP)
  • Removed material data idea IE 54:3 because there's not a high demand for it and there's no easy way to do this.