FoundDiamonds v 3.3-Beta


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    May 14, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R1.2


Big changes! I would recommend deleting your old config.yml and generating a new one for this version. Tons of improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.3-Beta

  • Implemented versatile lists that can be edited to whatever blocks and colors you want!
  • Made fd log all player commands to the console, including failed command attempts (for this plugin only)
  • Fixed a terrible admin message bug that I never saw before. Revamped the way these works to prevent bugs.
  • Moved prefix to broadcast message as @[email protected] instead of having a separate option for it in the config.
  • Fixed color bug when using nicknames in broadcast (now looks way better)
  • Fixed a bug with random items not even working
  • Added 3 new spells! :O
  • Made potion messages more descriptive, and even configurable.
  • Fixed bugs with menus and made other improvements to them.
  • Traps can now be set without using '_' characters, and just spaces (/fd trap gold ore)
  • Refactored tons of code. The source code is actually not so much of a mess anymore. Performance improvements as well.
  • Improved block counting! Diagonal blocks no longer fool the plugin!
  • Merged a pull request by snoepje0 who implemented a depth option for trap blocks. (Thanks again)

Report any bugs that you find plox