This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

ForumAA - An easy way to reduce spam on your forum!

Version: v3.0.0

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ForumAA is short for Forum Account Activation, which is a clone of TheKris1234's ForumAcc


  • Reduce spam by requiring users to activate forum accounts through a Minecraft command.
  • Autoactivate users as soon as they log in, no command required! (Disabled by default)
  • Custom profile fields - This allows users on your forum to register with a username other than their Minecraft username.

How To Install:


  1. Go to your forums, log in as an Administrator and go to the Administration Control Panel
  2. Under "General" > "Board Configuration" click "User Registration Settings"
  3. Set it to "By Admin"


  1. Go to your forums and log in as an Administrator and go to the Admin-CP
  2. Click on "Configuration" -> "User Registration and Profile Options"
  3. Change "Registration Method" to "Administrator Activation"


  1. Go to your forums, log in as an Administrator and go to the Admin Control Panel
  2. Under "Home" > "Options" click "User Registration"
  3. Uncheck "enable email confirmation"
  4. check "enable manual approval"


  1. Go to your forums, log in as an Administrator and click on the Admin tab
  2. Under "Members" > "Registration" > "Settings"
  3. Change Method of registration to Admin Approval


  1. Go to your forums, log in as an Administrator and click on the AdminCP link.
  2. Under System Settings > Security and Privacy -> Security [Managing Members]
  3. Change the New registration email validation setting to either User then Admin or Admin.

Plugin Install:

  1. Download plugin and put into /plugins
  2. Start server. The plugin will create /ForumAA/config.yml in /plugins and disable itself
  3. Edit the file appropriately. HELP BELOW
  4. Reload Server.
  5. DONE

How to use:

  • Log in as the username registered on the forum and type /account activate You will receive a confirmation message.


  • no permissions used "yet"


  #Hostname for your SQL server.
  URL: localhost
  Port: '3306'
  Username: username
  Password: password
  Database: DB-Name
  Table_Prefix: smf_
  Type: smf
  # Leave this blank unless your allow users to register with names other than their Minecraft IGN
  Custom_Field_ID: ''
  Login_Activation: false


  • Localization
  • Give me your ideas




  • IPB support added.
  • Async tasks added to stop server freezes.
  • Fixed config file generation.
  • MCstats added.
  • Fixed account activation messages.
  • Added support for console commands triggered by activation


  • Config changes, Will need to let the plugin rebuild it.
  • Updated to 1.2.5-R1.0
  • Added full support for XenForo, SMF is also added but not tested.


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