What is it?

ForceGameMode Allows you to force a gamemode Upon your layers using either permissions or a command. Commands like /gamemode will not work for a player that has been put into a forced gamemode.


  • Forcing Players into a Gamemode
  • Forcing ALL Players into a Gamemode
  • Run a Configurable Command on Player Join


You can use either /forcegamemode or /fgm as a prefix for any of the commands.

/forcegamemode [player] [gamemode]: Will force a gamemode on a player.

You can use either (0, 1, 2) or (c, s, a) or (creative, survival, adventure) for gamemode.

/forcegamemode remove [player]: Will remove the forced gamemode on a player.

Warning:Will not work if permission is used to force a gamemode.


forcegamemode.gamemode.survival: This will force a player or group into the Survival gamemode.

forcegamemode.gamemode.creative: This will force a player or group into the Creative gamemode.

forcegamemode.gamemode.adventure: This will force a player or group into the Adventure gamemode.

forcegamemode.admin: This will allow access to all of the commands.

Upcoming Features

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Thank you guys for 400+ downloads!

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