Food points

A list containing how many food points every food gives you.

Food Stats
Golden Carrot Vitamins(2), Water(25)
Golden Apple Resets your balance
Cooked Pork/Beef/Chicken/Fish Proteins(2)
Raw Pork/Beef/Chicken/Fish Proteins(1)
Carrot Vitamins(2)
Apple Vitamins(2), Carbohydrates(1), Water(50)
Melon Vitamins(2), Carbohydrates(1), Water(75)
Mushroom Soup Vitamins(2), Hydration(320)
Spider Eye, Rotten Flesh Proteins(1)
Bread Carbohydrates(2)
Baked Potato Carbohydrates(2), Vitamins(1)
Potato Carbohydrates(1), Vitamins(1)
Poisonous Potato Carbohydrates(1)
Cookie Carbohydrates(2)
Pumpkin Pie Vitamins(1), Carbohydrates(2)
Cake Carbohydrates(2)
Milk Bucket Full hydration(900)
Water bottle, various potions Water(500)


You start off having a carbohydrate, vitamin and protein value of 0 and a hydration value of 900. Every time you eat something, the values will get added to their categories and the category that doesn't get increased will get decreased by the amount the other categor(y/ies) got increased by. Bit complicated, so here is an example:

  • Start values: CH(0), VT(-2), PR(1).
  • Billy eats an apple (CH+1, VT+2), that means that CH will become 1, VT will become 0, and PR will become -2=(1-(1+2)).

Once you get to the values -6, -7, 6 and 7, you ate too many/much and weird effects are starting to happen and eventually you'll die.

The hydration is in fact 900 seconds in the beginning. Every second you'll lose 1 waterpoint. However, if you're in a warm and dry area (desert, hell) you lose 3 water per second, and if you're in a savannah, mesa or jungle, you lose 2 water per second. Also fighting and sprinting will cost you extra hydration.




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