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Notch, Jeb and the rest of the dudes at Mojang are not culinary geniuses. I, however, am. Food+ is the realisation of years worth of conversations about how cool it would be if Minecraft had more food. But not just more food. A whole rewrite of how food works.

Food Preperation


Food+ brings in 5 new ways to preserve food.

  • Drying - leaving food out in the sun until dried
  • Heat - for example: boiling, steaming or baking
  • Salt - curing with dry salt or steeping in brine
  • Acid - pickling in vinegar
  • Smoke - exposing meat, fish or vegetables to smoke

Culinary Skill

The more you cook the better your food tastes! Every bit of food will be given a culinary rating. Eating nice tasting food gives you better boosts of energy throughout the day.


Anyone who joins your server has a small chance of getting a randomly selected allergy. This simply means that they feel a bit icky when they eat the food they are allergic too.

Storing Food


Food left in chests will now go mouldy over time. Now you can construct a freezer to keep your food chilled. The cooler the freezer, the longer the food will last. If you leave your food in the freezer for too long, it may freeze solid!

New Items


  • Salt - heat sea water to collect salt
  • Ethanol - collect by leaving waste food in water for long enough
  • Vinegar - if you leave ethanol to ferment, you'll end up with vinegar


Minecraft wouldn't be the same without those boozy drinks we all know and love. Create alcohol by mixing ethanol with random ingredients in a brewing stand. A full list of alcoholic drinks will come soon.


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