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Allows players to simply enter fly mode with /fly with many PVP features and integration with Factions

  • Allow users to enter and exit fly mode, with a configurable warm up.
  • Factions compatibility,but not dependent.
  • Users will hit other players out of fly (configurable), unless they are in the same faction, allies, at truce, in Safezone or also in fly.
  • Fly mode will be disabled upon entering certain types faction land (configurable)
  • Fly mode may not be enabled in enemy or neutral faction land (configurable)
  • Players who log in while flying will remain in fly (configurable)
  • Certain items may not be used in fly at all, or within a certain radius of an enemy or neutral player. (configurable)
  • Players in fly can not damage players that are not in fly, or will be automatically put out of fly mode (configurable)
  • Potions used by players in fly will not affect players not in fly, and vice versa (configurable)
  • Debuffs will hit players out of fly (configurable)
  • Fall damage can be negated upon in fly mode, upon exiting fly, or after being hit out (configurable)
  • Admins will be able to enter Admin Fly Mode, but may toggle between admin fly mode and regular user fly mode.
  • Admins can disable, enable or check they fly mode status of other players.
  • And more to come, as we are still planning.

Singular permissions:

  • - allow users to enter fly mode
  • - allows users to enter fly mode without a warmup
  • flypvp.check - allow users to check info about another user, such as their fly mode and admin fly mode status.
  • - allows users to set another user's fly mode
  • flypvp.admin - allows users to enter admin fly mode (automatically grants
  • flypvp.admin.nowarmup - allows users to enter admin fly mode without a warmup
  • - will automatically put users in admin fly mode upon enabling fly mode
  • flypvp.admin.others - allows users to put other users in admin fly mode

Grouped permissions:

  • flypvp.moderator - groups, flypvp.check and flypvp.others
  • flypvp.admin.full - groups flypvp.moderator, flypvp.admin and flypvp.admin.others
  • flypvp.* - groups all permissions
  • Command Executor, with all commands listed so far, console compatibility and admin mode.
To Do
  • Recode the command executor.
  • All the config stuff
  • Damage (pots/hitting/projectiles/fall) listener
  • Faction events listener.
  • Warmups
  • Reload/restart handling for admin mode (regular fly mode works fine with relaods)
Bug Reports and Suggestions
Version Log and Change Log
  • 0.0 - Idea created and features planned.
  • 0.1 - Personal testing of main plugin structure.
Official Server

FlyPVP is supported by WrathPVP so go ahead and visit our website or join us at


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