Flying blocks and heads

Flying Blocks And Heads

Flying Blocks And Heads

This plugin implements flying player heads and blocks. Just by typing in some easy commands you will get your head or any other players head flying around, you can also get almost every block in minecraft to fly around as well.

The plugin now also have a autospawner, so you can have the heads/blocks flying around where you want :)



  • Spawn in flying heads and/or blocks at set location
  • Set location with a easy command
  • Enable and disable the AutoSpawner with a command
  • Set how often the heads and/or blocks spawns
  • Set the block you want to auto spawn
  • Set what player head you want to auto spawn

Single Spawning

  • Spawn in a single head or block by typing a command
  • Set the block you want to spawn
  • Set the playerhead you want to spawn


/flyheads Block <BlockId> - Spawns in a flying block
/flyheads Head <PlayerName> - Spawns in a flying player head
/flyheads remove - Remove all the Block/Heads you have spawned

Op commands
/flyheads removeall - Remove all spawned Blocks/Heads in the world! /flyheads Block enable/disable -Enable/Disable AutoSpawning Blocks (Check config for more info)
/flyheads Head enable/disable -Enable/Disable AutoSpawning Heads (Check config for more info)
/flyheads SetHead <PlayerName> -Set The PlayerHead You Want To Spawn At The AutoSpawn Location
/flyheads SetBlock <BlockId> -Set The Block You Want To Spawn At The AutoSpawn Location
/flyheads SetSpawn -Sets The AutoSpawn Location
/flyheads SetTime -Sets How Often The Heads/Blocks Will Spawn
/flyheads SetDespawn <true/false> - Set If Flyingheads/blocks Is Going To despawn
/flyheads SetDespawnTime <Time In Sec> - Sets How Long It Will Take Before The FlyingHead/block Despawns


permission.flyingheads - allow you to spawn in flying blocks and player heads
permission.autospawn - Allow you to use the autospawn commands ( OP commands )

Working On

  • add a set despawn time in config DONE
  • A remove command(remove all flying heads/blocks around you) DONE
  • Auto player head/block spawner DONE

Any suggestion pleas leave a comment :)

If you like my work, please consider donating :)



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