Fly Mode


Flying in Minecraft without switching to creative mode is easy! Just install this plugin.

(Version 1.7)


  • You can fly with a command!
  • You can fly with a sign!
  • You can fly fast / slowly
  • You can let another player fly!
  • More ideas? :)


Put the Fly-Mode.jar in your plugins-folder. Then restart your server. :)

How do I fly?

Activated by double tapping Space, then single pressing Space to go up and Shift to go down and the WASD keys (default) to move. The player can disable flying in mid-air by double-tapping Space again, causing them to drop to the ground. Touching the ground when flying also disables flying. However, getting into a minecart or bed while flying will not disable flying when the player gets out.

Commands & Permissions

  • /fly (Permission: '') You can fly.
  • /fly <player> (Permission: '')
  • /checkfly <player> (Permission: 'fly.checkfly') Check, if a player is flying
  • /flyspeedOn (Permission: 'fly.speedfly.on') You fly faster
  • /flyspeedOff (Permission: '') You fly normally
  • Create a sign - Permission: fly.sign.create
  • Use a sign - Permisson:


Clicking on this sign allows you to fly!

  1. Create a sign. If you want to fly by clickign on this sign, you have to write [fly on]. If you want to land, you have to write [fly off]
  2. Right-Click on your sign. You can see a new text.
  3. You can fly/land now, if you click on this signs. Warning: You need perms to use this!



Do you have ideas for this plugin? Write a comment!


No known bugs :) Do you found bugs? Write a comment, too ;)!

Check out my other plugin: "Let me google that for you!"

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