Fly Mining Speed Fix

Fly Mining Speed Fix is a very simple plugin that allows you to alter the rate at which you can mine blocks whilst flying. This means that you can mine at the same rate as you would whilst on the ground should you configure it so.



NormalFlyBreakSpeed.true - Allows the user to get a haste effect to mine at the rate configured in the configuration file whilst flying.


If the user does not have the above permission vanilla minecraft mining speed will apply to them whilst flying.


This plugin does not modify mining rate whilst not flying.


If you discover any bugs with the plugin please contact me via a private message on bukkit or join my support discord @ or even my email and I will fix the bug as soon as possible (ie the next update)
DO NOT REPORT BUGS IN THE REVIEW SECTION OR LEAVE A BAD REVIEW BECAUSE OF A BUG. Please inform me about it and it will be fixed.



So from V1.0 onwards I have decided to implement metrics into my plugin as a way of being able to optimize my code for the end user. All the data is collected using bstats and can be viewed here:
All data is anonymous so no ips or any information that could be used to identify you is stored. Should you wish to disable metrics you can do so in the bstats configuration file. Please note that this is very lightweight and will essentially not effect server performance.

Please do not decompile and attempt to redistribute the code as your own. If you want to repost it please ask me.



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