Configuring floAuction version 2

Configuring floAuction


This plugin requires Vault and WhatIsIt. Install them based on their installation directions on those pages.

floAuction installs like most plugins. Put the floAuction.jar file in your /plugins folder, run the server and the default configuration file (config.yml) will be spawned in the /plugins/floAuction folder.

You do not need to restart your server to edit the config.yml file, just execute "auction reload" from your console, or "/auction reload" by any user with the "auction.admin" privilege.

config.yml Configuration Parameters

  • use-old-bid-logic: false

In floAuction 1, the logic applied when two users are competing with hidden maximum bids was a simple who has the highest hidden max bid, with preference for the first bidder in a tie.

In floAuction 2, a logic was created which simulates mathematically a series of minimum bids by each player until no more bids can be made (no loops were used, so don't worry about this possibly lagging your system). This removes any preference for who bid first, but can result in a bid lower than the looser's maximum. Even though it's more impartial, I anticipated that there might be those who prefer the simpler logic above. Set this option to true to use the floAuction 1 logic.

  • allow-bid-on-own-auction: false

This is primarily a debug option since I often don't have anyone to help me test this. Feel free to leave it as false. It may confuse your users to turn this on because they will be able to bid on their own auctions.

  • log-auctions: false

If true, it logs all the output of the floAuction to /plugins/floAuction/auctions.log.

  • default-starting-bid: 0

Many of the parameters in the start auction command are optional. This option sets what the starting bid will be if omitted when starting an auction.

  • max-starting-bid: 10000

This sets the maximum starting bid a user can assign any auction. Set to 0 for "no limit." It will technically limit them to 999,999,999,999.99999 or somewhere around there.

  • default-bid-increment: 1

Many of the parameters in the start auction command are optional. This option sets what the minimum bid increment will be if omitted when starting an auction.

  • min-bid-increment: 1

This is the minimum that a player can make the bid increment. This should be adjusted based on the value of your base currency unit. Having the value too slow can make for meaningless auctions being started. Having it too high may cause a loss in competition.

  • max-bid-increment: 100

This is the maximum that a player can make the bid increment. This should be adjusted based on the value of your base currency unit for the same reasons as the previous option.

  • default-auction-time: 60

Many of the parameters in the start auction command are optional. This option sets what the auction length (in seconds) will be if omitted when starting an auction.

  • min-auction-time: 15

You can adjust how short (in seconds) a user can make an auction. This can be adjusted based on the mood of the server. I've set it where I feel optimal by default, but in your server environment it may make sense to change it.

  • max-auction-time: 120

You can adjust how long (in seconds) a user can make an auction. This can be adjusted based on the mood of the server. I've set it where I feel optimal by default, but in your server environment it may make sense to change it.

  • use-gold-standard: false

NOTE: THIS OPTION WAS REMOVED IN 2.4, DOCUMENTATION REMAINS FOR LEGACY SAKE. If you want this feature, install GoldIsMoney, a plugin I wrote that does the same thing but at the economy level via Vault. If you have no currency installed, I have designed a built-in gold standards mode where 1 gold nugget is the base currency unit. They will be taken and put into the inventory of the player during bidding and winning auctions (respectively) or when appropriate. You can set this manually if you have a currency installed but prefer gold anyhow, but if no currency installed, this will automatically activate.

  • decimal-places: 2

If your currency requires a specific number of decimals like the gold standard does, you can adjust this number. The gold standard can't use partial nuggets and therefore will automatically reset this to 0 if selected.

  • allow-max-bids: true

Max bids allow players to specify a hidden amount that their bid will automatically increase to in order to outbid other players. It's similar to the eBay feature. This toggle, presented in version 2.3, allows you to disable this feature.

  • allow-early-end: false

Having much experience with auctioning, I've found that if players are allowed to end auctions early, they will often end when a specific player is the current high bidder, effectively using this plugin as a long-distance item transfer mechanism, clogging the chatways with moving their inventory or giving things to their friends. If you prefer to let your users use it this way, you can set this option to true.

  • allow-gamemode-creative: false

It makes no sense to auction while in creative unless you're testing, like I do frequently obviously. I don't know why you would want to, but set this option to true if you do.

  • allow-damaged-items: false

Before the auction software reported the amount of damage on an item, auctioning damaged goods would have been considered false advertising by the bidders (or worst case, source of a free item repair bug). The amount of damage will be displayed promently in the auction now, so feel free to turn this on if you like. I have no preference myself, so the default is just what I set it to when I first tested it.

  • allow-gamemode-change: false

Gamemode change while auctioning or high bidder was prevented in 2.4.1 because of multi-inventory concerns. It was made togglable with this option in 2.4.2.

  • allow-world-change: false

World change while auctioning or high bidder was prevented in 2.4.1 because of multi-inventory concerns. It was made togglable with this option in 2.4.2.

  • max-auction-queue-length: 2

In version 2.2, the ability to queue auctions has been added. This sets how long that queue is. This number does not include the currently running auction. Setting this to 0 will effectively disable the ability for auctions to queue, with the exception below.

  • min-auction-interval-secs: 10

You can (since 2.2) specify that the auction plugin wait between auctions before starting another auction. If no auction is running, but the timeout has not been reached, the next auction will queue even if the queue length is 0.

  • auction-start-tax: 0

This is the amount deducted and required of the auction starter. Call it a fee, a tax, whatever. Set it to 0 to disable, otherwise set it to the amount that you want to charge for starting auctions. Added in 2.3.0.

  • auction-end-tax-percent: 0

This is the amount deducted from the winnings at the end of the bid. Again, call it what you will, a tax, a fee, etc. It is a percentage, so if you set it to 100, all of the winnings will be confiscated. If you set it to 10, one tenth of the winnings will be deducted from what is given to the auction starter. Added in 2.3.0.

  • deposit-tax-to-user: ''

Defaulting to empty, this will attempt to deposit any taxes from the previous two options into the specified user's economy account. Added in 2.4.0.

  • cancel-prevention-seconds: 15

Disallow cancellation within a certain number of seconds to the end of the auction.

  • cancel-prevention-percent: 50

Disallow cancellation within the last portion of the auction by percent.

  • anti-snipe: false

Anti-snipe extends the auction if someone bids within a certain nearness to the end of the auction.

  • anti-snipe-prevention-seconds: 15

This is how near to the end of the auction it has to be for the bid to trigger an extension.

  • anti-snipe-extension-seconds: 10

This is how many seconds will be added to the auction if anti-snipe is triggered.

  • allow-sealed-auctions: true

A new feature in 2.6.0 is sealed auctions. An actual bid is required, no auto-bidding. Max-bids are disabled. And no one can see what anyone else bids.

  • allow-unsealed-auctions: true

This is the normal pre-2.6.0 auction. If you disable this, all auctions will be sealed (see above). If you disable both, this will automatically reenable.

  • broadcast-bid-updates: true

If you disable this, people will not be notified of bid updates unless they are bidding or are the previous highest bidder. This does not affect sealed bids which have bid update announcements already suppressed. (v.2.6.0+) NOTE: In 2.6.0, this was misspelled as "broadcast-bid-udpates" it was fixed in 2.6.1.

  • allow-auto-bid: true

Normally, the [bid amount] for the /bid command is optional and will allow a player to type "/bid" by itself and automatically up the bid by the minimum necessary. In 2.6.0, this was made togglable at the server level via config.yml. Personally, I wouldn't make this false, but it was extremely easy to do because of the new code needed for sealed auctions and you know how I like giving options for you guys.

  • suppress-countdown: false

Set this to true to suppress the countdown timer announcement broadcast. Added in 2.6.0.

  • suppress-auction-start-info: true

In 2.8.0, this option was added to make the initial auction announcement shorter. By default, it includes instructions to type "/auction info" for full details. If you set this option to "false" instead, it will cause floAuction to revert to the old noiser way where the full auction info is displayed with the initial announcement.

  • allow-inferior-item-name-logic: false

Due to numerous complaints, ironically mostly from another auction plugin, I have added in 2.7.0 the option to use the quite inferior item name processing used by most other auction plugins. If this is enabled, WhatIsIt, a plugin which provides more accurate and descriptive names (and is also fully language compatible), is not required. However, it is highly recommended to use the superior naming logic provided by WhatIsIt for the sake of customizability, accuracy and fraud prevention.

  - 7
  - 383;63

Beginning with version 2.3, you can ban items from being auctioned. Add the item id of any item you want to ban. If you want a specific data or damage value, append it with a ";". The default items are bedrock (7) and the Enderdragon spawn egg (383;63).

  '0': 100%

The "taxed-items" was added by request in 2.8.7. It will override either the pre-auction tax or post-auction tax. Specify (where '0' is) the item id, and you can use a ; to add a data or damage value just like in "banned-items" above. It you put the value as a number, it will apply that to the item type times the quantity. You can add an "a" to the end (where the "%" is in the default) to tell floAuction to not multiply the amount by the quantity auctioned. If you end it with a "%" it will apply it as the end percent tax. These do not add to the other taxes, but replace them. However, if the end tax is specified any default starting tax will still apply and vice versa.

There is an anomaly because you can't keep a config group with no entries. This is why item '0' will always repopulate. That is air, which people cannot auction anyways, so you can just ignore the value.

  • allow-renamed-items: true

This option allows the auctioning of items renamed with an anvil. It was added in 2.8.8.

auctionhouse-world: ''
auctionhouse-min-x: 0.0
auctionhouse-min-y: 0.0
auctionhouse-min-z: 0.0
auctionhouse-max-x: 0.0
auctionhouse-max-y: 0.0
auctionhouse-max-z: 0.0

If "auctionhouse-world" is specified, a user must be in that world between the space defined by the rest of the auctionhouse parameters in order to start, queue or bid on auctions. This was the main update in version 2.9.0.

  - '/ma join'
  - '/mobarena join'

In order to eliminate the incompatibility between floAuction queuing auctions and MobArena trapping players who join an arena and giving them items, I have added the ability to disable certain commands to anyone currently participating in an auction, including those with queued auctions. The default value here provides this protection, but you can add any command suppression you like to this list. This update applies to floAuction v2.8.9 and above.

  - mcMMO Ability Tool

McMMO increases a tools enchantments to facilitate superbreaker and other bonus skills. Any item auctioned in such a state will display as if it had the additional enchantment, but McMMO will remove the bonus after it reaches the other player. To stop the confusion, I've added a lore filter, setting the default to protect against this McMMO activity. This parameter is available in floAuction 2.9.0 and above.

max-buynow: 10000
expire-buynow-at-first-bid: false
allow-buynow: true

language.yml Configuration Parameters

The language.yml file is the configuration file that contains every output floAuction will send (except certain load messages). The list is very long, so I'm not listing them individually, but if you want to make floAuction's language completely customized for your server, feel free. Saving the language this way was meant to give servers which are not native English an easy to enter text for their own language. I don't know any other languages, so it's only available in English. I may include any donated submissions in other languages if I receive them.

The file allows you to use the standard &# notation for color and a similar %# for inserting other information. These are case sensitive (not the colors, the information):

The key for information about the current running auction (will display "-" if used outside that scope):

  • %q - The quantity of the lot which is being auctioned.
  • %i - The name of the item being auctioned as returned by WhatIsIt. If it has a "display name" set by an anvil, it will display that but in italics, just like the client does.
  • %d - The actual type of the item being auctioned whether or not a display name is set.
  • %s - The starting bid of the auction.
  • %n - The minimum bid increment of the auction.
  • %b - The monetary amount of the current high bid.
  • %B - The name of the current high bidder.
  • %f - BuyNow amount. (v2.9.3+)
  • %h - The hidden (by default anyways) maximum bid amount the current high bidder specified.
  • %t - The amount of time remaining on the auction.
  • %D - The durability remaining on the item being auctioned as a percent.
  • %E - The name of the enchantment on the item as returned by WhatIsIt. Will cause the line to be repeated once per enchantment.
  • %F - A list of enchantments separated by the value in auction-info-enchantment-separator. (2.8.0+)
  • %A - A list of each aspect (color, shape, etc.) of the current payload seperated by "auction-payload-separator". Will cause the line to be repeated once per payload (i.e. each firework star). (2.8.0+)
  • %r - The power level of the item (only relevant if it's a firework rocket). (2.8.0+)
  • %Q - The player's position in the queue. (2.8.1+)
  • %k - The number of auctions queued. (2.8.1+)
  • %x - Starting auction tax (2.3+)
  • %X - Ending auction tax, only available at end of auction (2.3+)
  • %u - Player default quantity (2.9.2+)
  • %U - Player default quantity (formatted) (2.9.2+)
  • %v - Player default price (2.9.2+)
  • %V - Player default price (formatted) (2.9.2+)
  • %w - Player default increment (2.9.2+)
  • %W - Player default increment (formatted) (2.9.2+)
  • %z - Player default auction length (secs) (2.9.2+)
  • %Z - Player default auction length (formated) (2.9.2+)
  • %g - Player default BuyNow amount (2.9.3+)
  • %G - Player default BuyNow amount (formated) (2.9.3+)
  • %c - currency singular (as returned by the currency plugin) (2.9.2+)
  • %C - currency plural (as returned by the currency plugin) (2.9.2+)
  • %o - The username of the auction owner (2.9.2+, replaces %O)
  • %O - The "display" or "nick" name of the auction owner (2.9.2+, previously the username)
  • %o - The username of the auction confiscator (if applicable) (2.9.2+)
  • %O - The "display" or "nick" name of the auction confiscator (2.9.2+)

This file is a .yml file, so if you do go editing it and have issues, check that it's valid yml code before coming to me with issues.