This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Sorry, this project is under development :3

If you are Japanese, So you can try to development version to get here:


now development version 0.2


Playing Flag Game!


  • Support economy (Entry fee and winner's Award)
  • Support permission
  • Support multiple arena
  • Configurable game time/players limit/entry fee/award per game
  • Rollback Flags and Chest Inventories when starting new game
  • Announces when player got flag, killed opponent player and countdown
  • Prevent same team pvp
  • Detail logging of each game
  • Leaderboards

Planned updates:

  • planning..

Please give me ideas!


  • MySQL Database (for Leaderboards, player/stage stats)
  • New World (for Playing FlagGame)
  • Player inventory separate per worlds plugin (Multiverse-Inventories, MultiInv.. etc)
  • WorldEdit Plugin (for area selection)

Optional Dependency:

  • Vault Plugin for economy integration (entryfee, award)
  • dynmap Plugin for show stage information on dynmap


  • Create world for playing FlagGame.
  • Put the flaggame.jar into your plugin folder and reload/restart your server.
  • Open config.yml and make any changes you want, then use "/flag reload" command.


  • flag.user.*
    Allow use all player's commands! (default: op)
  • flag.user.join
    Allow join the game! (default: op)
  • flag.admin.*
    Allow use all setup commands! (default: op)
  • flag.admin.sign
    Allow put the FlagGame sign! (default: op)
  • flag.admin.save
    Allow save Game Configs! (default: op)
  • flag.admin.reload
    Allow reload config.yml! (default: op)
  • flag.ignoreWorldProtect*
    Allow break/place in FlagGame world! (default: op)


  • /flag
    To show ALL flaggame commands

Bugs and Feature Requests:

Use the Tickets tab to submit any bug reports or feature requests.
Or Post them in this thread.


Full Changelog
Source - Github


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