Info: Decompiling and Editing of the Plugin is not allowed!

ZombieInvasion is a Plugin that allows you to play a completely new Game Concept in an post-apocalyptic World with Zombies.

Features are:

Admin Features:

  • - Configuration of World and Zombie Spawnrate
  • - EditorMode
  • - Creating an own Map for the Plugin with Spawnpoints, Safezones etc. (Tutorial coming soon!)

User Features:

  • - Surviving in a Zombie World
  • - Leveling System
  • - Looting System with Chests
  • - Team up!
  • - Bosses (Coming Soon)
  • - Stats
  • - ...


Admins (OP):

  • /fzi setspawnrate [Number]: Changes the Spawnrate of Zombies (Standart: 50)

All User:

  • /fzi: Shows all User Commands
  • /fzi getspawnrate: Shows the current Spawnrate
  • /fzi s: Shows your own Stats
  • /fzi s [Player]: Shows the Stats of [Player]
  • /fzi resetlevel: Resets your FZI-Level to 0

Leveling System

You are getting XP from:

  • Killing Zombies
  • Finding Chests

If you reach a Level like 5,10,15... You are getting new Equipment!

If you die in ZombieInvasion you are losing 1 Level! But there are "Saving Levels". IF you reach a Saving Level, you will never ever get under this Level! Saving Levels are Levels that are 1 Level above new Equipment (for example: 6, 11, 16...)!


Players can open Chests with RightClick if they have their sword in their hands. Items in that can be found in a Chest:

  • Bread
  • Arrows (>= Level25)
  • Barricades (>= Level45)
  • Grenades (>= Level80)

If a chest was opened it can't be opened again for a while!

Spawnpoint and Safezones

Players can change their Spawnpoints with RightClick on an SpawnPoint-Block (Jukebox with SubID:5)

Players which are in a Safezone (Normaly placed as Bottom of a Spawnpoint-Room) are safe from Zombies.

The first Spawnpoint for every Player is the General World-Spawnpoint, so make sure, that there is a Spawnpoint and Safezone!

Scroll to Editor-Mode for more Infos!


To change into EditorMode yo just have to change your GameMode to Creative. Your Level and Items will be saved and now you can editing the World.

  • Creating Chests: All Chests are automaticly FZI-Chests!
  • Creating Spawnpoints: Just place an Jukebox with SubID: 5 (Worldedit: / /set JUKEBOX:5)
  • Creating Savezones: Made the Bottom of the Safezone-Region out of Blocks (NOT WOOL) with SubID: 6 (Worldedit: set [BLOCK]:6)

Installation (Tutorial)


FanMade Trailer: (Ignore Tauncraft, its a dead Server)

Screenshots and more Informations are in Work!


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