Fixit V1 and V.5

This plugin was made in the wake of the MrFixit plugin that is now dead and defunct. With the addition of shaped and shapeless recipes to plugins this plugin is made to replace it adding the same functionality to repair your tools and armor so you don't have to rebuild them and waste those precious resources!

Currently all recipes are shapeless so you don't have to place items on the crafting grid in any particular order. But for those recipes requiring more then 1 resources, chest plates and leggings you can't use a stack you have to do it like this,

how too

Currently this was constructed with 1.2.5 R1.2 Bukkit addon and using JRE7. if your server runs on a machine not using jre7 and the plugin gives you errors let me know. I'll see about making a compatible version.

V.5 does not keep enchantment when you repair! V1 lets you keep enchantments when you repair your items!

==== DOWNLOAD V.5 HERE ====

==== DOWNLOAD V1 HERE ====


?add permissions? - was looking into a way to turn the plugin on and off if needed but haven't gotten there yet.

?add chain mail? - eeh. might if people want it enough

?other recipes? - I can add custom recipes for custom servers if people want them enough or have custom items that have durability.


NONE! woot... lets see how long this last


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